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The Williamsburg Villager Jan, 2016

In Memory of Our Marlene

Our village lost a sweet lady, Marlene Crane, on December 4th. As many of you know she had been hospitalized with pneumonia in early November.

Marlene was born on February 28, 1931, in Kansas City, Missouri. She was the daughter of Harry and Pauline (Underwood) King.She graduated from Cameron High School in Cameron, MO, received her BSE from the University of Missouri — Columbia. Later, her Master’s from the University of Missouri — Kansas City. Marlene became a Crane on August, 16, 1959. She and husband Joe Crane shared 56 years together. Marlene and Joe lived in Kansas City where she taught art in the Kansas City school system. Later she and Joe worked for the North Callaway school system where she taught language arts and social studies.

Marlene was also the writer, editor, and illustrator of this newsletter, as well as the

Crane’s Museum curator. She was an active member of the Old Auxvasse Nine Mile Presbyterian Church, the Ladies’ Club, Presbyterian Women, and Community Club. Marlene was a beloved wife, mother, and grandmother. She is survived by her husband, Joe Crane, son, David and wife Amy and two grandsons; Trask and Mason Crane.

Joe has decided to continue the newsletter each month. We will be reusing

Marlene’s pictures from past months to keep her with us. If you have something you wish to contribute to our newsletter please bring it by for Joe’s approval by the 15th of each month so we can get it into the next month’s edition.

Until next time, fight the good fight, keep your faith, and be thankful each day for each other and for all the joy we share together.

From the Staff of Marlene’s Restaurant and Crane’s Museum; Megan, JoAnn, Danielle, Debbie, AJ, Fionna, Aren, Cindy, Scott and Joe.

News of the Village

 Correction to last month’s newsletter; Jamie Knoepflein did not get the first buck of the season, but his daughter, got a 10 point with her rifle during youth season.

 Santa came to visit on Saturday December the 12th. He got quite a few lists this year.

 Bernice Lang is home recovering from her surgery, resulting from her fall in late November. Glad to see you again Bernice.

 Cathy Zerr is out and about after her knee surgery. She is moving around quite well.

 On December 16th, North Callaway High had a performing arts night. The band and choirs both gave great performances.

 Christmas Eve service was held at the Nine Mile Presbyterian Church at 4:00pm. Hope you had a very merry Christmas.

 Lynda’s, located in the Crane’s Museum building, during the month of January, is having a 25% off sale on all scarves and Jewelry. Any remaining Christmas merchandise is also 20-50% off.

 Five barn owls were released at Prairie Fork Conservation Site sometime in October-November.

Five more barn owls were released from Rescues Rafter Rehab (Vet School in Columbia, MO), at Whetstone, on Saturday December 12th.

They were released by department member Amber Edwards.

 On December 18th, Pat Jones, was the commencement speaker at the School of Natural Resources. It took place at Jesse Hall – University of Missouri – Columbia. Congratulations Pat!!

Joe’s Corner


This month I have chosen to write about churns. Churns were used to make butter from fresh cream.

Most people think of churns as being made of glass. Probably the most common brand of glass churn was a DAISY CHURN. Glass churns came in sizes of one quart to a two gallon size.

The picture above are churns of stoneware, wood, and metal.

Many children that grew up on a farm remember using some type of butter churn to make butter. Did you ever think about how much time you spent churning? Was that a way for your mother to know what you were doing and where you were!

Crane’s museum has several different types of churns on display, come by and take a look, see if you can find our one and only glass churn!

Sunday Specials

January 3rd – Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Veggie, and a Dinner Roll


January 10th – Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Veggie, and a Dinner Roll


January 17th – Meatloaf, Cheesy Potato Casserole, Veggie, and a

Dinner Roll


January 24th – Lasagna, 7-Layer Salad, and Garlic Bread


January 31st – Cook’s Choice

Chicken Stir-fry $8.99


Our first joke is courtesy of the book Help, Lord! I’m Having a Senior

Moment by Karen O’Connor…

Big Foot

Dear God:

Today the very thing I thought would never happen to me – happened! You must have been smiling as you observed my predicament.

“Could you hold this for me?” I asked my husband as I handed him my shopping bag and headed toward the ladies’ restroom at the factory outlet mall. I pushed open the heavy door and made a beeline for the only stall in sight. How odd, I thought. In a huge crowded place like this, you’d think they’d have more than one stall. Women always have to wait in line because of this kind of stupid planning – probably by a committee of men!

Oh, well, no use getting upset. At least there’s no line. I’ll be in and out in a jiffy. As I situated myself and hummed a little tune, I heard the restroom door open, then slam shut.

Next the sound of running water penetrated the stillness.

I glanced through the space between the bottom of the stall and the floor and saw the lower half of two denim-clad legs. My Gosh, that lady has big feet, I thought, as my gaze traveled downward to the bulky white sneakers she wore.

I finished up and pushed open the stall door. Then my heart dropped into my shoes as I laid eyes on a twenty-something gentleman who appeared as shocked to see me as I was to see him.

“Uh-oh,” I stammered weakly, “I guess I’m in the wrong restroom.” I rushed out, trying to catch my breath, as I barreled back to where I had left my husband moments before.

My face was still on fire when I reached him.

“Are you okay?” he asked. No doubt he noticed my stricken expression.

“I’m f-f-fine,” I answered, not ready to explain my senior moment. “I just saw. … I saw Big Foot!”

“You saw what!” my husband asked.

“Oh, never mind,” I squeaked. “Let’s grab some lunch. I’m feeling a bit light-headed.”

HOW DIFFICULT it is to admit my mistakes to my family and friends, particularly when I’m ashamed and embarrassed. But you know the whole truth about me, so I can always come to you.

These great jokes are from the book 777 Great Clean Jokes by Jennifer Hahn….

 It was local election time, and the candidate was visiting all the houses in his area.

At one house, a small boy answered the door.

“Tell me, young man,” said the politician, “is your Mommy in the Republican

Party or Democratic Party?”

“Neither,” said the child. “She’s in the bathroom.”

 Mom: A rabbit’s house is called a warren, alligators have nests, and foxes live in dens. What do you call your room?

Son: A mess.

 Joan and her neighbor were talking about their daughters. Rebekah said, “My daughter is at the university. She’s very bright, you know. Every time we get a letter from her, we have to go to the dictionary.”

Her neighbor said, “You are so fortunate. Every time we hear from our daughter, we have to go to the bank.”

willy jansm

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Crane’s Museum is a Regional History Museum located in Williamsburg, MO. We invite visitors of all ages to enjoy a step back in time. Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in Marlene’s Restaurant, shop for gifts at Town House Treasures get ready for winter and spring with Crane’s Country Store Clearance and Closeout.

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